The young men in our community need more places to learn, grow, and recover from today's trials and UMYH is stepping up to the plate!

We hope you'll join our efforts to raise the $400,000
needed for our new Boys Home!

It takes a lot to change the way a person sees their life. Poverty, abuse, depression, and fear can be very painful to experience, and without the tools to deal with them the effects can be traumatic. At UMYH we do whatever we can to help heal the brokenness in the youth we serve, in order to prepare them for healthy lives. We believe this means giving them every opportunity to succeed. 

Our current boys' home is a modular home that was donated by a church many years ago. It has served its purpose, but has become worn down over the years. The new boys' home will be larger than the current home and will allow us to house as many boys as we do girls in our residential program. It will also have bigger bathrooms, a more accessible kitchen, a storm shelter, and a brick structure. 

Prototype image and proposed floor plan of the planned new boys' home. 
Thanks to the commitment of our dedicated Board of Directors, we’ve already raised over half the budget. If you see the value in breaking cycles of poverty and abuse in our youth in order to invest in our future, please partner with us in making this dream a reality! You can donate online or with a check - make sure to note in the check memo or online donation comment box that the donation goes toward the capital campaign/boys' home.

Naming Rights Giving Opportunities:

Donations of any size will help us in our plans, but if you would like to give a gift toward the naming of parts of the facility the following opportunities are available. This may be the perfect way to honor the memory or service of a loved one:

Construction of a Bedroom:     $5,000
Furnish a Bedroom:                  $1,000
Construction of a  Bathroom:   $3,000
Construction of the Kitchen:    $10,000
Furnish the Kitchen:                 $6,000
Meeting Room Construction:   $2,000
Meeting Room Furnishing:      $1,000
Dining Room Construction:     $15,000
Dining Room Furnishing         $3,500

Please contact Travis Johnson if you’d like to hear more or get involved.

Phone: 812-479-7535 Email: